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10 New Features of Engage That Will Help You Win More Business.

Realbase 23 Nov 2021

Start engaging with your clients using intuitive, interactive and informative proposals that win listings and help you build an audience all year round

We, at Realbase, love to make your lives as agents easier. So we keep on looking for ways to improve Engage to provide an even better experience whilst saving you time to build more relationships and win more listings.

Here are the latest updates which we’re sure you’ll love:


1. Time-saving

With Engage, you can now save an average of 25 minutes per proposal, so you can spend less time preparing digital proposals and focus more on doing what you do best, building relationships.

2. Simpler way to edit/create proposals

Users can now build and edit digital templates easier and faster.

3. Events Calendar

We have now added a new and improved calendar. It’s a no-brainer to include a calendar in your proposal and can definitely be used as a closing technique.

4. Ability to create and share multiple links

Need to share with more than one person? No problem! You can easily create and share multiple trackable links of your digital proposal.

5. Track unique views 

Since you are now able to send multiple links, we also updated our tracking system. You can now track unique views per link of your digital proposal.

10 new features of Engage


6. Better Data/Analytics/Reporting

Engage will start tracking the data as soon as your proposal is opened. We help you track:

  • how many times a proposal has been opened
  • how long a proposal has been viewed
  • how far it’s been read through for each session. 

We also include any links that have been clicked on and any documents that have been downloaded, including the marketing quote. These analytics provide you with the tools to have more intelligent, data-driven conversations with your prospective vendors

7. Customise your own templates (specific to brand and/or users)

Now you have more flexibility to control your templates and incorporate your branding.

8. Updated template library/themes

We have added some new fresh designs in the template library so you have more designs and templates to choose from.

9. Integrated with major CRMs & data providers 


10. Unlimited number of users and proposals included in the subscription

​Learn more about Engage

Everything else you might already know and love about Engage is still there, ready and waiting for you. Book a free demo with our team today or learn more about Engage.

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