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REB Proptech Pulse: Living in the Future.

Realbase 11 Oct 2021

Frank Greeff, the CEO of Realbase, chats with Momentum Media's Phil Tarrant for the latest episode of REB's Proptech Pulse

In this episode of the REB Proptech Pulse, Frank shares the story of how long-time competitors Campaigntrack and Realhub merged to become one of the biggest powerhouses in the proptech industry in Australia. The former-chef-turned-CEO also shares how the marriage between the two firms combined cutting-edge technology and a vast network, which has helped Realbase provide a wider range of products and services for their customers.

Points of discussion 

  • Why proptech is the new frontier for property marketing campaigns and businesses.
  • How proptech incorporation can boost sales.
  • What are the latest proptech trends and why they’ll change real estate.

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