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New ‘Agreements’ Tool Set to Revolutionise Contract Signing.

Realbase 27 Jan 2022

Realbase (Campaigntrack and Realhub) are gearing up to release 'Agreements', an exciting new Engage add-on allowing digital creation, editing and signing of contracts

Recent advances in the proptech space have changed traditional thinking about real estate marketing. Digital solutions have made it easier to pay rent, unlock doors and tour properties. CRM services enable faster responses to inquiries, integration with multiple channels and increased productivity across the board. As a result, the automation of processes gives agents more time and energy to focus on what matters – building and strengthening client relationships.

Realbase built the Engage platform to simplify the creation of sales presentations, allowing agents to have a more personal presence throughout the proposal process. It’s a simple-to-use but incredibly powerful tool to produce slick, on-brand digital proposals and listing presentations. 

Now, the brains behind this innovative product have developed a new feature to take the capabilities of Engage yet one step further. ‘Agreements’ is a new instant online signing service for contracts, which has been carefully designed to make it easier for agents, vendors and buyers to digitally build and sign agreements – quickly and efficiently.

A must have add-on

This add-on feature of the Engage platform will enable fast and effortless creation and editing of confidential documents, avoiding the tedious back-and-forth of paper revisions and approvals. Templates can be customised according to business needs, and as with the crafting of proposals and presentations, everything can be done on the go, anywhere in the world.

This functionality allows easy online collaboration between agents and vendors. With instant notifications for submissions and edits, and reminders for pending approvals, waiting times are cut down and workflows are streamlined. At a glance, working drafts can be reviewed and corrections can be made or suggested in real time.

Moreover, the double entry of data is minimised. Since users will already be on the Engage platform from the proposal stage, the same data from previous documents can be used for creating Agreements.

'Agreements' will help you stay on top

The agreements feature of Engage is not only in-sync with sales proposals and listing presentations; it’s also seamlessly integrated with CRM platforms, Realhub and/or Campaigntrack portals to pull all the necessary information into contracts. There’s no need to re-enter personal details or manually input or attach relevant material. Vendor profiles, calendars, communication and engagement insights stay updated from prelist to deal signing. Standard REI forms and agreements are also fully integrated into the Engage system, so there’s no need to leave the platform to source the documentation.

The Engage Agreements service streamlines what can be an exhaustingly time-consuming process, consolidating documents and information in a secure central location and making the signing process much more organised. Once the files have been finalised, they can be signed digitally by all parties involved. And when all signatures have been affixed, agreements are secured and can’t be altered further.

With the upcoming addition of Agreements, Engage puts together a powerful platform that integrates the generation of sales proposals and presentations with the collaborative creation and signing of contracts. An enormous amount of time is saved because everything is conducted and accomplished in one efficient space.

With Engage and Agreements streamlining multiple processes, agents can devote more of their time to building solid client relationships. The latest example of digital innovations from Realbase making life easier for agents, Agreements helps you stay on top.

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