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Make the Most of Engage.

Scott Janssen 29 Jan 2021
engage digital proposals

More than just proposals, Engage is your new all-in-one closing tool that will help you all year round

As schedules start to get busier and competition for listings ramps up, now’s the time to make sure you’re putting yourself in the best position to not just set yourself apart but to consistently convert prospects into clients.

You may have read about our new Engage Digital Proposal tool, but if you missed it, here’s a quick rundown of some of the ways it can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your proposals and presentations.

1. You'll stand out

Feedback at a recent AREC event suggests that one of the biggest concerns agents have is not being able to differentiate their service from others on offer. Engage is all about showcasing your brand and your personality. You can choose completely custom, one-off templates to represent your team or your agency, which can be created by our talented graphic designers or your own professional third-party studio. Templates are designed to not just match your brand’s style and character but to make it easier to show clients what makes your service unique.

2. It’ll save you time

We all know that proposals are a necessary part of the job, but we’re also all too aware that they can be extremely time-consuming. Even with an assistant, scheduling, preparing and delivering multiple presentations every week can be challenging. Engage’s responsive design gives you the freedom to build and send your presentations anywhere. You can craft them just as easily on your phone or on a desktop; on the run or in the office.



3. You'll always be ready to present

Personalising proposals or reports for individual clients is worthwhile but it can cause delays in getting your content in front of that prospective new client. The versatility of Engage allows you to easily deliver the perfect pitch in any situation – it displays seamlessly on a phone or tablet, plus you can sort out hard copies in seconds with the one-click print function.

4. It’s super streamlined

Delivering standout presentations is only half the story. It’s important you can track the success rate of your proposals so you know if there are ways to convert even more prospects into clients. With powerful CRM integrations, Engage lets you analyse the data from each proposal quickly and conveniently. Marketing quotes can be pulled directly into presentations, and the platform can be launched straight from Campaigntrack or Realhub with just one click, making it a true all-in-one system.

With so many competitors vying for business, and with so much time pressure on every new proposal, small details can make a big difference to your success as an agent.

Take the step ahead

Request a free demo or learn more about how Engage could help you stay ahead of the pack.