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The Secret to Winning Proposals in the Real Estate Industry.

Scott Janssen 15 Jan 2021
engage digital proposals

Build amazing proposals in minutes, print them in seconds, send on the go and win more listings all year round

In case you missed the great news, Campaigntrack and Realhub have merged, meaning our clients can enjoy twice the benefits. With both companies dedicated to providing industry-leading solutions for real estate sales and marketing, the partnership promises to make agents and agencies even more competitive in a crowded marketplace.

We’re serious about making your lives as agents easier, and to prove it we’ve wasted no time launching our new Engage product – an intuitive and effective tool for crafting impressive proposal presentations. Created using technologies developed by Campaigntrack and Realhub, it’s a simple-to-use but incredibly powerful platform to help you win more listings. Here’s how:


1. It’s streamlined

Quotes, prelists, comparable market insights and even up-to-the-minute tracking and reporting data can all be created in one place with no fuss. Presentations are easy to build, quick to edit, and ready to send immediately.

2. It’s responsive

We know you’re not always at your desk. Engage’s responsive design gives you the freedom to craft and send proposals on your phone, so there’s no need to rush back to the office, or if you’ve got time to spare, you can just as easily perfect it on your desktop.

3. It’s versatile

Whether you need some market data on the run, or you need some serious content for your next living room presentation, Engage is built for any situation. It displays seamlessly on a phone or tablet, plus it can be saved and printed as a PDF in seconds, so you can leave a lasting impression.

4. It’s custom

Prospective clients will appreciate a proposal tailored just for them. Engage gives you the ability to edit and save your own custom information, with options to automatically bring in recent sales, biographies, suburb data, videos and more.

5. It’s on-brand

Templates can be designed to suit your agency’s personality, meaning your brand will stay top of mind. Logos, colour schemes and other important brand assets all come together to make presentations unique, memorable and professional. It isn’t a cookie-cutter design.

The benefits don’t stop there, either. The Proposal tool is one of three tools from a suite of new offerings designed to make your processes more efficient and more effective. Next is Signing – a digital platform for safely and securely signing and tracking all the legal documentation needed during the sales process – as well as Workflow, which efficiently organises every step of your internal workflows for the sales transaction, allowing you to keep on top of things with customised digital checklists. You’ll never skip a step.

This is an exciting development in the partnership between Campaigntrack and Realhub, highlighting the commitment we have to creating innovative solutions for real estate agencies.

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