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Realbase Masterclass: Listing Presentations in the Modern Age.

Realbase 16 Feb 2021

5 tips on winning a listing presentation from Tom Panos

We put together a webinar with real estate coach, influencer, author and auctioneer Tom Panos, all about the beauty of digital listing presentations. If you didn’t manage to tune in, you can watch the whole thing here, but just so you know what you’re in for – or in case you want a quick refresher!

Tom's key takeaways

1. Listing presentations are not about you

Leave your ego at the front door. Forget about everything else and focus on why you’re there. It might sound obvious, but it’s worth remembering that this is all about your client. Yes, you will have to give them some clues about your qualities and successes as an agent, but the more you can tailor a presentation to their needs, the better the relationship you can establish. Engage has been designed as a simple-to-use but incredibly powerful platform that will really help you stand out. An intuitive and effective tool for crafting proposals and presentations, it gives you the ability to edit and save your own custom information, with options to automatically bring in recent sales, biographies, suburb data and more.

2. If you want to win share of wallet, you have to win share of heart

There are 5 reasons a vendor will want to list with you:

  1. You listen to them.
  2. You understand their problem.
  3. You solve their problem.
  4. They like you.
  5. They trust you. And this is the one box you absolutely need to tick. It can take more than one visit to a vendor’s home to establish that trust, but great dialogue, great EQ, care, compassion and killer proposal documents will stand you in good stead. Try building your presentations around questions rather than statements, to show you’re listening to their needs – not telling them what they are.

3. People will forget what you say, but will never forget the feeling you leave them with

Just as selling (or buying) a home is a hugely emotional decision, so too is choosing an agent for that process. You know how important your pitch is, but there’s work to do either side of that as well. The actual presentation is 40% of the whole picture, and what you do leading up to and after that meeting are both another 30%. This is where Engage really comes into its own. You can build unique digital proposals, listing presentations and price update documents that address every step of the process. Quotes, prelists, comparable market insights and even up-to-the-minute tracking and reporting data can all be created in one place with no fuss, meaning you can address potential clients’ personal requirements while also showcasing you and your agency. A suite of beautifully branded documents with customised information is the perfect way to create a long-lasting impression.

4. If you nail the listing presentation, you will prospect more

Momentum builds momentum, as you become more confident in the delivery it will help drive you to make that next call. This is all about being prepared. When you know you have such a great weapon in your arsenal – that is, an amazing presentation – you’ll be more inclined to go out and prospect, knowing that you can draw on it at any time and in any circumstances.

5. Speed is the new currency

In the modern real estate world, speed is everything. Consumers are time-poor and tech-savvy. They know the price of everything and the value of nothing. So how do you set yourself apart? A top tier presentation is the perfect start, but how fast you can get it in front of a vendor’s eyes is the clincher. Traditional printed presentations are time-consuming, they’re expensive and they’re inconvenient to deliver. With Engage, digital presentations are easy to build, quick to edit, and ready to send immediately. The platform displays seamlessly on a phone or tablet, it can be saved and printed as a PDF in seconds, and you’ll be notified every time a vendor opens the document, putting you in pole position to continue the conversation.

We’re serious about making agents’ lives easier, and with new digital developments like Engage, it’s an exciting time to be in the game. Now, you have the chance to streamline your processes and really differentiate yourself from the competition.

What's next?

If you want to learn more about how Engage could lift your proposal game, you can get in touch with us. And don’t forget, you can also check out the full webinar here. It has plenty more tips and tricks to help you get the year off to a great start!