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Realbase Masterclass: How Mcgrath Parramatta’s Kon Stathopoulos Grew a Team of High-Performing Agents.

Realbase 29 Oct 2021

Having lead over 300 agents in 32 offices, Kon has a deep understanding of how to achieve the best results from his team and for his clients

In our most recent webinar, we chatted with McGrath’s Kon Stathopoulos and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best sessions we’ve had in this series so far. If you’re interested to watch our previous episodes with the industry’s top agents, click here.

Real estate is a business that is truly built on people

Kon started out the webinar with this quote that truly stuck throughout his chat with Frank and Tom. Growing a business and team is not an easy task. When asked of the things that he normally does to help his team get to the next level, Kon said that they continue to ride with market trends but also put a strong vigor around processes to make sure that everyone in the team has very clear plans and directions.

“The first thing we coach them on is their ‘Why’. Why are they doing what they’re doing? Then we identify what they’re good at. And what they’re not good at, that they need to get better at. And what do they need to outsource to enable them to focus on their core tasks,” he added.

“Once they find the answer to these questions, we then build a plan that enhances their skills around prospect, list, negotiate and sell,” Kon said. He also mentioned that in their businesses, they have eliminated all processes that prevent agents from doing these 4 core tasks. Talk about efficiency and getting the right focus!

Not a spray and pray approach

“Everything we do is with very clear intent that we’re looking for an outcome,” Kon added. As part of their mission to become the best at what they do, they have paired all their listings with AIM Digital to dominate their local area. “Over a period of time, we created a uniquely targeted audience of nearly 130,000 people and everytime we list a property, it keeps directing back to that audience and day by day, it just keeps on growing,” he added. Lastly Kon believes that magic happens with a strong belief system, back-end support and technology, great energy and momentum and working with people you actually like.

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Don’t forget, you can watch the full webinar here if you haven’t already. There’s plenty more valuable insight on offer from some of the industry’s brightest minds.

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