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Realbase Masterclass: The Listing Presentation with Maria Cassarino, Stone Real Estate’s #1 Agent.

Realbase 10 Aug 2021

One of the Northern Beaches' most successful and respected sales consultants talks about her listing presentation process and strategies

Listing presentations are not meant to be a one size fits all type of thing. The best players (or in this case, agents) in the real estate game leverage on customising their presentations on who their vendors are and most importantly, what they need. It’s a series of constantly establishing a deeper connection with who you work with as compared to just touching the surface.

In this webinar episode with Stone Real Estate’s Maria Cassarino, what stood out the most was how she highlighted that listing presentations should accommodate all different personality types to ensure the specific type of vendor an agent will encounter. The more a presentation together with a good and fundamental relationship, appeals to your vendors, the more it would be likely for them to build a connection and eventually want to work with you. After all, as we mentioned in one of our previous webinars with Tom Panos, in 2021—trust is your superpower.

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Don’t forget, you can watch the full webinar here if you haven’t already. There’s plenty more valuable insight on offer from some of the industry’s brightest minds.

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