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Ray White Upper Hutt Case Study

AIM Team 26 Oct 2022

How Ray White Upper Hutt Harnessed the Power of AIM Digital Marketing.

Recognising the power of digital marketing for your marketing plan is the first step towards a successful sale. And that is exactly what Steve Mahoney of Ray White Upper Hutt utilised to take his marketing strategy and sales game to a whole new level.


“Ray White Leaders presented Campaigntrack AIM to me at a large staff presentation. With print media nearly dead in the water, Ray White and myself needed a way to reach passive buyers in the marketplace.

“To be able to provide the best agents with the best marketing material and have the best sales methods, we knew we needed a product at the cutting edge of digital marketing.” Steve says.

The age where people wait for newspapers and magazines to check new property listings is gone. With digital continuously growing, there is no doubt that it should be at the forefront and driver of every marketing plan. Being able to leverage the use of smart targeting, building audiences and remarketing, among others, is what will set you far apart from competition.

Steve Mahoney of Ray White Upper Hutt tells us,

“I’ve been using AIM Digital Marketing for more than 2 years now and I absolutely love it! I’ve sold many properties using AIM and a recent story is a home that had been in the same family since 1954. 15 offers and 15 Sales & Purchase Agreements were presented to my seller/vendors after a two week marketing plan. They thought the property was around the $580k-$600k mark, but sold for $723k. A fantastic result for my sellers.”

“I have huge open homes and I believe it’s because of AIM Digital Marketing. People will tell you my open homes are huge. I noticed a massive jump in open home buyer attendance at the first open home that AIM Digital Marketing had been part of promoting. It’s also definitely a major factor as to why of late, most of my sellers have been receiving 10 plus offers at the Deadline Tender Date for Offers on the property. The more offers on a home, the higher the sales price will be. AIM Digital Marketing has been a huge part of achieving these great sales results for my sellers.” he added.

Campaigntrack’s Premier Partner status with Google, and strong relationship with Facebook – the two biggest digital advertising channels in the world – means not just a serious level of expertise, but a valuable foundation to create integrated digital campaigns and deliver a higher return on investment.

“There is no question that digital marketing will become an essential component in all marketing campaigns – it’s a question of when not if.” says Stefan Williams, Co-Founder of Campaigntrack. “The agents who dive in early have an advantage because their digital presence and remarketing audience sizes will simply be that much better than those who don’t. Plus vendors nowadays expect to have digital marketing offered to them as a service – it’s not all about the property portals. The best time to get into digital marketing? Today. Start today.

To find out how AIM Digital could bring the same results to your marketing strategy, get in touch with us today.