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How Ray White leaders dominate Digital Marketing

AIM Team 26 Oct 2022

Two years ago, Ray White Leaders Group in Wellington, New Zealand, made a fateful and clever decision. They wanted to dominate their market across social media and online advertising, using digital marketing.


Partnering with Campaigntrack, Ray White Leaders have easily achieved this ambition, with making Digital Marketing a mandatory inclusion on all of their property campaigns. The phenomenal power of digital marketing has ensured that Leaders generate leads beyond the property portals, whilst delivering huge increases to their website visitors and a digital brand presence putting them ahead of their competitors.

So far, more than 4,000 properties have been digitally marketed – delivering more than 400 million online and social media ads, creating more than 1.8 million additional website visits and 24,000 inquiries.. and counting. That is no exaggeration. It has been made possible through the combined use of both Google and Facebook ads. Thanks to the remarketing audience technology in Campaigntrack’s solution, Ray White Leaders now have their own digital remarketing audience of over 400,000 people which is used cleverly to promote each new property they list. 

The results and online exposure have been a huge success for the brand, attracting buyers they never would have reached before, and sellers who simply cannot shy away from the fact that they see Ray White Leaders everywhere. It has been a game changer on how they list and sell property. 

Carl Perkins, Group General Manager of Ray White Leaders says,


“We knew we had to move into Digital Marketing across our 8 office group eventually, but getting started and making it easy and effective were key considerations in choosing a partner. When Campaigntrack presented their AIM solution, it seemed to tick all the boxes, and we haven’t looked back since. Ordering and launching these campaigns is very easy, and there is no doubt it has helped propel our group from strength to strength. Any early nerves about requiring it on every campaign soon evaporated when we saw the results we were getting for our vendors, our agents and our brand. Vendors love the fact that their property will be promoted so widely online, and also reach potential buyers the property portals can’t get to. The result is now our biggest competitive advantage. We have a huge digital footprint and incredible brand exposure, reaching passive and active buyers like never before”. 

“Campaigntrack have recently held several webinars with our network to help our team understand the basics (and importance) of Digital Marketing, and the growing trend in using it as a profiling and marketing platform. They have trained our team to understand and sell Digital Marketing to vendors – and this has really helped with the confidence of our agents. It is evident that digital is now much more of a core focus for everyone in real estate… We’re just glad we started two years ago, building our audience and retargeting databases. These digital databases match all of our properties to relevant browsers online. It is a unique point of difference for us and we know it is exclusive to the Ray White Leaders network.” Carl says.

Stefan Williams, Campaigntrack Co-Founder, has enjoyed working alongside this innovative group of offices in New Zealand. Stefan says “We’ve helped change the way property is marketed in Wellington. The Ray White Leaders decision to make Digital Marketing mandatory has really worked. In a market where the average campaign value was around $1500, we often see vendors agree to larger ad packages that deliver even better results versus the base package. To watch Leaders dominate digital marketing in their local areas has been seriously inspiring and educational in equal parts. No surprises, digital can really work for real estate. Leaders are at the forefront of digital marketing because they realised early on that marketing is changing – but of course it’s never too late to start!”

How Ray White Leaders dominate digital marketing.

It’s important to remember, especially with the decline of print, that real estate agencies and agents have lost an important branding channel. When money is tight, where is your budget best spent? How do you maximise reach, engagement in clever ways that also build your brand, website traffic and digital audience? I fear for brands and agents that don’t fully embrace Digital Marketing, and I also worry that any solution that drives traffic to a property portal is not designed to exclusively benefit the office, agent and vendor. The world is changing before our eyes – and it’s kind of fun to watch!” Stefan says. 

“We’re constantly working towards smarter solutions for our clients and our industry. We do the heavy lifting with our fully automated platform delivering sophisticated digital ad and social media campaigns to attract more buyers and sellers, whilst also building personal and office brands at scale. For me, multi-channel is the key – be seen in more places online and on social media. That’s why we built a platform that uses both Google and Facebook Ads as well as social media posts, together. It’s a powerful cocktail.” Stefan continues. 

Campaigntrack’s Premier Partner status with Google, and strong relationship with Facebook – the two biggest digital advertising channels in the world – means not just a serious level of expertise, but a valuable foundation to create integrated digital campaigns and deliver a higher return on investment.