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Introducing Realbase: We’ve Got All Your Bases Covered.

Realbase 16 Mar 2022

Guided by a strong vision and the passion to keep revolutionising the real estate industry, we were able to build technologies that set ourselves apart from the rest

The ever-changing industry of property technology has provided us with an opportunity that we never thought would happen as Campaigntrack and Realhub – the merger of two industry leaders in the Australian proptech market – gave life to Realbase. Our mission is to transform the real estate industry through providing leading technology and products. At Realbase, we cover a wide range of services spanning across Australia and New Zealand with the support of our incredible team members.

It’s a bit crazy to think that we had been battling head-to-head as two companies while both being situated in Brookvale just a year prior! We were both servicing the same clients with similar product offerings. It’s safe to say that being able to work as one has enabled us to take larger leaps in further developing our software and technology. This has allowed us to do what we have always strived to do – make our clients’ lives as easy and productive as possible.

One of the greatest things about working together is the fact that we can now think and move as one, which has been extremely efficient as we work on building better solutions for our customers. One of which is Engage – our digital proposal tool. Our philosophy as a team was always to come up with innovative ideas, listen to our clients’ feedback and execute further actions based on those.

​​We recently released the new version of Engage based on the feedback that we’ve had over the last couple of years. Currently, we send about 12,000+ digital proposals every month for clients all across Australia and New Zealand. The reason we built this new technology is because we wanted to improve the speed at which the proposals are built and delivered by agents, ultimately saving them time. When it comes to agents, we want to help them focus their time and energy on listing, negotiating and selling. Considering this, we wanted them to be able to build and send digital proposals in the fastest way possible, wherever they may be.

The next important thing with the new Engage was for agents to be able to access better data and insights. The scale of our business as Realbase really helps us understand and learn the way vendors interact with our proposals. Every week, we have approximately 10,000 vendors across Australia interacting with these digital proposals. This helps us learn about best practices, such as what information gets the longest engagement. We then take insights like this and take them back to the industry by letting agents know which approaches best attract vendors.

Realbase also focuses on the continuous domination of digital marketing worldwide. As mentioned in one of our recent webinars, 2022 is the year digital marketing goes mainstream in the real estate industry. In saying this, we have developed a solution that uses the most powerful marketing platforms on the planet and provides the best possible outcome for your listings.

AIM Digital Marketing is truly a smart investment for property buyers and sellers alike. Its next-level technology uses Google, Facebook and Instagram ads and social posts so your property is seen more by the right people. At the same time, AIM creates both organic social posts and ads for maximum impact. It casts the net much wider to capture passive and active buyers and sellers while they browse their favorite websites or are active on social media. AIM builds your brand, your data, and your traffic with ease. No other solution is as feature-packed, or such good value.

Watch this space

Developing products, technologies and services is an ongoing process. We continue to create, build and test new ideas everyday, which enables us to be an agile and dynamic team – whilst creating more value for our clients. We hope that you will continue to hear more about Realbase and our products as we continue to create efficient solutions for our customers. Until then, watch this space!

By: Frank Greeff, Realbase CEO. Adapted from an article published in REB.

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